The Genomics unit uses state-of-the-art techniques for transcriptome and genome analyses. The novel nanopore-based technologies require minimal or no manipulation of natural DNA/RNA molecules using the pocket-sized, portable MinION (Oxford Nanopore Technologies). Furthermore Illumina sequencing systems are used for data production (HiSeq 1500) and for performing sequencing based studies on DNA-Protein interactions (Genome Analyser IIx). Other hosted technologies include a Covaris DNA sonicator for fragmentation of DNA, RNA or chromatin, an Invitrogen Qubit forĀ  fluorometric quantification of nucleic acids and an Agilent Bioanalyzer capillary electrophoresis system for QC of sequencing-ready libraries. Additionally, the Genomics unit assists in design and experimental set-up as well as in analyzing and interpreting the results.

These technologies help researchers to understand genomic features in their scientific field. Besides LAFUGA-based projects we are running collaborations with in-house (Gene Center), internal (LMU) and external national and international partners.

  • Next generation sequencing

    The unit runs two next generation sequencing systems from Illumina. A ...
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  • Bioinformatics

    Next generation sequencing (NGS) requires a sophisticated level of bio...
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