Next generation sequencing

The unit runs two next generation sequencing systems from Illumina. A variety of (multiplexed) assays are established: RNA seq, DNA seq, Exome seq for intact and low quality DNA and targeted resequencing. Continuously, further assays are developed and optimized to support scientists.

Both Illumina sequencing systems ensure high data quality using the sequencing by synthesis chemistry. The HiSeq1500 sequencer features two run modes: a rapid-run mode (up to 2x250 b, 300 mio. reads, 100 GB of data) and an high-output run mode (up to 2x125 b, 3 bill. reads, 1 TB of data). The Genome Analyzer (GA) IIx sequencer is used for method development, e.g. HiTS-FLIP.

Funding of the equipment: LMU, DFG, BMBF, LGL OberschleiƟheim, DKTK, Gene Center collaboration partners (Cramer lab, Gaul lab).