The Genomics unit of LAFUGA

The group of Helmut Blum - the Genomics unit of LAFUGA - has established an integrated platform for biomedical research using state of the art technologies in second and third generation sequencing. These sequencing technologies use the Illumina or Oxford Nanopore systems respectively. At base-pair resolution massive multi-parallel sequencing enables the analysis of genomes, transcriptomes and exomes answering the latest scientific questions.

The Genomics unit provides expertise in strategic conception of sequencing projects, customized method development and optimization of library preparation procedures, QC and sequencing, and finally sophisticated bioinformatics including data handling, customized analysis, evaluation and visualization of sequencing data.

Over the last years the power of these technologies has increased dramatically. Thus, in the near future the integrated technology platform will expand sharply in robotic automation. A liquid handling system will support in library preparations by means of automated pre-PCR, PCR and post-PCR steps.

The unit is successfully collaborating with in-house (Gene Center), internal (LMU) as well as national and international partners and institutions. The role of the unit in these collaborations is highlighted in several high impact publications.